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Brother PR1000E

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Product Overview


PR1000e now reduced by £1000! Only £7999 incl. VAT!
PLUS choose your gift with your machine:

FREE Cap Frame Complete Set (PRPCF1) – Worth £1199.00 incl. vat.
Ideal if you are looking to embroidery baseball caps


FREE PE Design 10 Software – Worth £999.00 incl. vat
Create your own designs and embroider them straight on to your garments!


REDUCED Wilcom DecoStudio e3 Embroidery Software – Now Only £990.00 incl. vat
(Was £1798.80 incl. vat)
The professional software built for beginners!

ALL NEW – Compact 10 Needle Single Head. As the Leading Supplier of the PR650 within UK and EUROPE we now offer you the ALL NEW PR1000E, we offer Price, Service and Training second to none with Fantastic 0% Finance and Starter Packages we have helped start over 300+ Embroidery Business.

Impressive 10-color, 50,000 stitch-count designs can be completed 12% faster than with a six needle machine, and more than 30% faster than with a single-needle machine.

With the PR-1000, you truly can enter the next dimension in creativity and productivity.

Quick Price Guide

PR1000E on its own £7499.17 + vat
(Inclusive of vat £8999.00)
PR1000E + Cap Frame £8249.17
(Inclusive of vat £9899.00)
PR1000E + Cylinder Frame £8249.17
(Inclusive of vat £9899.00)
PR1000E + Cap + Cylinder Frame £8832.50
(Inclusive of vat £10599.00)
PE Design 10 Software £499.17
(Inclusive of vat £599.00)*
*This is a special price when purchased with machine – Usually £999 inc vat

Finance Options

We offer fantastic finance packages so that you can have the machine you want today.

– NEW! 18 Months Interest Free
– 12 Months Interest Free
– Buy Now Pay Later
– 48 Month Interest Bearing 14.9% APR

– Established Business from £180.73 per month +vat
– New Start Business from £209.98 per month +vat

*Finance subject to status

Apply For 0% Finance Now!

Click here for find out more information on Brother PR1000E finance options.

Machine Devices

Clamp Frame Kit 1 & 2 – Perfect for Boot Embroidery

The Clamp Frame Kit 1 & 2 enables you to embroider various types of shoes & boots. The latest generation of Clamp Frame Kits is new to the PR Range & can only be used with the NEW PR655 & PR1000e

Price: £207.50 +VAT

Brother PR650/PR1000 Workstation

Brother PR655 / PR650 / PR1000 Workstation

Price: £333.33 +VAT

Round Frame Kit – Brother PR1000e (Part No. PRPRFK1)

Includes 100MM, 130MM, 160MM round frame. Perfect for stitching round designs, and for designs that require more stability. Includes Arm C Embroidery Frame Holder, which must be used with all frames in this kit.

Price: £261.66 +VAT

Round Frame Arm C – Brother PR1000e (Part No. PRPARMC)

PR1000e Round Frame Arm ‘C’. For use on PR1000e Round Frames.

Price: £95.41 +VAT

Border Frame – Brother PR1000e

Designed for long objects such as table runners. Re-hoop your fabric without removing the frame. Just release the latches, slide the fabric to the next embroidery position, and relock. Must be used with Arm B embroidery frame holder included in the PR-1000e.

Price: £235.41 +VAT

Round Frame 130×130- Brother PR1000e (Part No. PRPRF130)

Round Frame 130×130. Perfect for stitching round designs, and for designs that require more stability. To use this you will also need Round Frame Arm C Embroidery Frame Holder.

Price: £77.91 +VAT

PRUGK1 – PR1000 & PR1000E Premium Upgrade Kit

PR1000 & PR1000E Premium Upgrage Kit Owners of both PR1000 and PR1000e machines will delight in the amazing features, such as Image Scanning, Color Shuffling™ function and Onscreen Auto Resizing with Auto Density Fill. The upgrade package was built with the creative embroiderer in mind too. In addition to 2 new embroidery fonts and 10 new designs, the Color Shuffling™ function will allow you to change your design colour palette with the touch of a few buttons. Delivery 5 Working Days.

Price: £261.66 +VAT

Fast Frames 7 in 1

The Hoop Tech Quick Change 7 in 1 is a set of interchangeable sewing windows designed to be used with a pressure sensitive or sticky backing.

Price: £207.50 +VAT

Hooper 2 in 1

The Stocks Hooper will allow you to Hoop garments at the right place time and time again. With 2 seperate sections adult and youth.

Price: £249.17 +VAT

Cylinder Frame – Brother PR1000e

The cylinder frame is designed for embroidery on small cylindrical garments jeans, etc.

Price: £999.17 +VAT

Wide Table – Brother PR1000e

Easy to snap and lock in place. Durable surface, great for supporting large or heavy items like quilting squares, towels, blankets, jackets and rugs. Use with the Jumbo Frame to avoid excess hoop and fabric weight on the machine.

Price: £437.49 +VAT

Quilt Frame – Brother PR1000e

Designed for long objects such as table runners. Re-hoop your fabric without removing the frame. Just release the latches, slide the fabric to the next embroidery position, and relock. Must be used with Arm B embroidery frame holder included in the PR-1000e.

Price: £104.16 +VAT

Round Frame 160×160- Brother PR1000e (Part No. PRPRF160)

Round Frame 160×160. Perfect for stitching round designs, and for designs that require more stability. To use this you will also need Round Frame Arm C Embroidery Frame Holder.

Price: £86.66

Jumbo SlimLine II Clamp

HoopTech has been able to modify their extremely sucessful line of industrial Clamping Systems and adapt this new model for the PR600C! The new LOW profile unit slides into place and attaches easily, providing you with the capability of clamping your backing and product together in an instant! Use to clamp over heavy seams, zippers, velcro, and other difficult items with this easy to use clamping base. Just flip the lever and it’s clamped! Clamp has a base unit with an 11″ x 5″ and 8″ x 5″ window.

Price: £399.00 +VAT

Round Frame 100×100- Brother PR1000e (Part No. PRPRF100)

Round Frame 100×100. Perfect for stitching round designs, and for designs that require more stability. To use this you will also need Round Frame Arm C Embroidery Frame Holder.

Price: £69.13 +VAT

Extension Table

The extra support of this table will make it easy to sew out those difficult bulky items like Horse Numnah’s etc. Twist on/off suction cup legs for those in a hurry to disassemble their table. No holes in smotth acrylic table top surface. Table size (20″ x 28″ approx) 6mm thick table.

Price: £437.49 +VAT

PR650/PR1000 Work Station

Our very own designed PR650/PR1000 workstation. Constructed from pressed steel with a oven blasted colour. A sturdy surface for your new or exiting embroidery machine.

Price: £199.00 +VAT

Cap Frame – Brother PR1000e

Increased embroidery fields with new cap frame. The latest generation of cap frames allows large field embroidery up to 60 mm x 360 mm, ideal for embroidering the front and side panels of caps.

Price: £999.17 +VAT

Jumbo Frame – Brother PR1000e

One of the largest frames available for a multi-needle embroidery machine. Perfect for making wall hangings, jacket backs and other large designs. Must be used with Arm B embroidery frame holder and table included in the PR-1000e. Increase your Embroidery Area to 360mmx360mm.

Price: £174.16 +VAT

Embroidery Kit 1

Starter Kit – 1000m
1 x Tear Away Easy Tear 30cm x 200m
1 x Cutaway 60 gram 30cm x 100m
1 box of Easytear 1000 pieces (30cm x 200m)
1 x 25 micron Water Soluble Roll 20cm x 100m
1 x Pre-wound Bobbins
1 x Sticku Self Adhesive Backing (65cm x 25m)
2 x 130-705 SHE Brother PR600 needles 75 + 90 (pack of 100 in each)
1 x Air Duster Compressed Air 300g
1 x A-Lube Light Spray Oil for Hoops 500ml
1 x A10 Silicon Spray 500ml
Top 50 x 1000m Icacord Polyester Thread

Price: £300 + vat (£360 inc vat)

Embroidery Kit 2

Starter Kit – 5000m
1 x Tear Away Easy Tear 30cm x 200m
1 x Cutaway 60 gram 30cm x 100m
1 box of Easytear 1000 pieces (30cm x 200m)
1 x 25 micron Water Soluble roll 20cm x 100m
1 x Pre-wound Bobbins
1 x Sticku Self Adhesive Backing (65cm x 25m)
2 x 130-705 SHE Brother PR600 needles 75 + 90 (pack of 100 in each)
1 x Air Duster Compressed Air 300g
1 x A-Lube Light Spray Oil for Hoops 500ml
1 x A10 Silicon Spray 500 ml
Top 50 x 5000m Isacord Polyester Thread

Price: £500 + vat (£600 inc vat)


There are many options to look at in software please take a look through are software section and give one of our sales team a call to discuss your requirements.

Click here to check out all of the available software including ALL NEW- Brother PE DESIGN 10!


The ALL NEW Brother PR1000E – AT A GLANCE. The PR1000E is a 10 needle embroidery machine. So for those of you with a single or six needle machines, now is the time to part exchange and wave it good bye. As this means the PR1000E produces embroidered garments much quicker than a single or six needle flatbed or tubular machine.

With its in built editing suite its easy to program text and merge designs , if you don’t believe us the click the panel below and have a go! Imagine you had a logo with 10 colours, you would have to re thread the machine after every colour change not with the PR000. Ten needles ten colours, the P1000 can import designs from 3 sources direct pc connection, usb and Brother design cards.

Frames for stitching T-shirts. Full accessories kit supplied with it’s in built editing suite it’s easy to program text and merge designs.

  • New Single head 10 needle embroidery machine with cylinder arm
  • New Xtra Large seing area 360mmx 200mm
  • New Xtra Wide Cap Frame 360mmx60mm
  • New Camera Function
  • New Link Functionallity
  • New Large High definition LCD touch screen
  • New 28 Built in adjustable keyboard lettering fonts
  • New 110 Built in designs
  • New Advanced natural lighting system
  • New additional USB port
  • New Mouse port
  • Up to 1000 stitches per minute embroidery speed/li>
  • 8 sided design trace
  • Automatic colour changes
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Built-in thread colour information
  • Design memory retention
  • Design rotation
  • Individual stitch back-up
  • 3 USB Ports
  • On-screen editing
  • Thread brake detection system

Special Offer Embroidery Start Up

At Stocks we are dedicated in providing the Service and Support you require. Whether you’re adding embroidery to your existing business, or Starting A New Business, from the threading of a needle to editing and hooping a garment, we will hold your hand all the way and a little bit more!

Remember we personally install and warranty your machine wherever you live (UK mainland). We provide not only the equipment you need but also technical, marketing advice and we’re always only a phone call away. We have many years of experience in the embroidery industry. We don’t just want to sell you a machine – before you know it – you’ll be back for more.

Hit the Ground Running!
Our customers are provided with our Embroidery Start up Kit.

  • In depth on site installation & training
  • After sales training
  • Online & Telephone support
  • Frames for stitching T-shirts etc…
  • Starter Pack: Needles, Thread, Backing, Bobbins etc
  • Guarenteed Buy Back or Trade Up
  • Free digitizing voucher
  • Free enterance into our Information Portal where you will find
    • A list of over a hundred suppliers from polo shirts to digitising
    • Information PDFS from your chosen machine
    • Sample Business flyer to get you started
    • Embroidery Hints and Tips
    • Free software upgrades
    • Parts and Service Manuals
    • Online Video Tutorials
  • Garment and Cap samples from leading supplies in there field ready to supply you with everything to make your new business a success.

NEW – Business SupportIF that’s not enough how about, A Little Bit More. So all the above is possibly what other manufactures may offer you so how about a little bit more

Right you now have your machine but would like some help on

  • Marketing
  • E Commerce
  • Pay the correct tax
  • Managing your growing business

What is my profit? The prices you charge is up to you, but remember you are not competing against commission embroideries who will take on large contracts with high turnover but low profit margins. You require the small to medium order customers to buy the full product from you Remember the profit is largely in the garment you embroider not the embroidery the embroidery is how you sell the garment.

Polo Shirt – Based on 3418 stitches with 5 colours (5 minutes per design)

Your wholesale cost of shirt £3.95
Operating and supplies cost £0.91
Total cost £4.86
Suggested retail Price £9.99
Profit £5.13

These costs, retail prices and profits are typical of personalized embroidered items. Please note, however that operating costs results are impossible to predict, and no representation or guarantee is implied by this example


Here are a few testimonials from our customers:

G. Borrow Embroidery
Recieved machine today – Demonstration on all frames supplied, took in as much as I could! Arrived at time advised, and tidied up work area before leaving.

Brenda Griffin – Swindon
After being let down badly by a sewing machine company nearer to home, I searched the internet for someone else to supply me with a Brother PF600. I discovered Stocks, they offered me a good deal on one, better than what I had been offered at the other shop. It was delivered to my workshop and set up for me, and everything explained really well. ( Bearing in mind I had never used an industrial embroidery machine before!). The engineer who delivered it, could not have been more helpful, he answered all my questions with great patience.
I have since had a couple of small things go wrong with my machine, and each time someone has been despatched to put it right. ( bearing in mind I am probably about 170 miles away from stocks!) . Whenever I have rung for advice, there is always someone who can help me. I would highly recommend them to any one, there aftercare service is excellent. (A rare thing these days! )I will certainly be going back for my next machine.

Tracey – Funky Monkey
Thank you, all installed and going great guns, many thanks for your teams fast and efficient service.

Kerry – Cuteessentials
I just wanted to write and thank you all for all the help and effort you all put in in providing me with the new PR620. You were all brilliant and made me feel like I wasn’t the nuisance I knew I was being!! The advice you gave me, particularly Paul (what a star!) was spot on. This is the second machine now that I have bought from you and I won’t be buying from anywhere else. The machine itself is fab, so easy to upgrade from the 4000D and I’m getting orders out a lot quicker than before which means I can start to accept more in the future. Who knows – I may even be back for another!
Thanks again and hope you all have a brilliant Christmas (probably be back for more supplies before then though at your prices!)

Siobhan Holdsworth – Court Designs
To who it may concern – a note to say how helpful Stocks Sewings machines have been to me and my company – I bought my first machine from them and have always had excellent service – I am hoping to purchase another this year and can think of no-one I’d rather deal with than Stocks – are and always will be the best.

Equitatus Ltd
From making an initial online enquiry to Stocks a relatively short time ago to taking delivery of my new machine this week, the service and attention I have had from Stocks has been second to none. The training I received on delivery of my machine was excellent and the backup and support offered has been first-rate. One of the most friendly and accommodating organisations I have had the pleasure to deal with in a long time.

Martin Eccles – Bespoke Car Flags
Thankyou for all your time and assistance in helping me to decide which machine would best serve my new business in its ‘start up phase’. You and your staff were very helpful and friendly throughout our many phonecalls. When I came to collect the used machine, you offered a trianing session with a member of staff, which was invalueble. If I ever get stuck or have a problem your team has offered to help. It was a pleasure to do business with a company who value customer care. Many thanks again.

Jan and Sue
To Kevin, from now on you are to be known as SAINT KEVIN of STOCKS. A million thanks for today jan and sue in liverpool.

Bute Signs & Graphics
Very pleased with the service from my initial enquiry through to purchase and installation.

Mr Edwards – Personalised 4U
Just a quick Email to say thankyou.
The service that you gave us was brilliant , we are very happy with all products.
The lad who gave us the training was very good , he’s a credit to your company.
I will defo be using Stocks again for all my products i.e thread, backing.

Digital Design Creations
We would just like to say a big thankyou to everyone at stocks but in particular Andy who helped us with all enquiries and especially to Nick who delivered the machine with the training fantastically showing us every step clearly & thuroughly, we are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to our future contacts with you.

Joanne – JLM Embroidery
People will ask why Stocks?, simple answer, SERVICE!. Stocks even opened up the shop when they were closed as we would be travelling over 70 miles to buy a Brother PR620 Embroidery machine. Always there to help when we needed it, the additional training helped us get over some initial problems (not with the machine I must add) and very knowledgeable about the industry and the products. So happy with their service that we now purchase our consumables from them and are happy to give this testimonial.

John Harley – Ellawear Designs
My daughter and myself set up an embroidery & printing business in July 2007 neither of us has had previous experience of this kind of work.
When making enquiries about embroidery machines we were confused and frustrated with the variety machines available and the response from various companies.
We searched the internet and came upon STOCKS SEWING MACHINES LTD.
We were given straight down to earth advice that “we” could understand.
After a conversation with Andrew, and on his expert advice we purchased a Brother PR600 embroidery machine from STOCKS SEWING MACHINES LTD.The machine was delivered within a week of purchase by one of Stocks engineers, who gave us a full days tuition of the set up and operation of the machine.
Since we have been trading we had a problem with the machine (operator error) we called STOCK’s who resonded immediately sent an engineer and we were back in business.
We have called STOCK’s several times for advice and found them very co-operative.
We trade 3 days a week and have an average turn over of approx £500.00p the machine is operating approx 8-10 hrs per day.
Excellent service

Terry Stoney
We thought your service was excellent, both the demonstration in the shop and the demonstration at home. Samantha and I are both feeling confident (especially Sam) and we will be in touch about the portal and more supplies when needed.

Steve Somers
Jean has just turned the machine off after her first creation.
The rub is – We didn’t finish the 6 hour rearrangement of the house until an hour ago and you can see the time now – from our email!
Thanks for maintaining your hard earned reputation.
Thanks for making the missus ‘appy – a whole set of new horizons!

Christine Wolstenholme
Really pleased with the machine is an under statement. Thank you for the marvellous service.

Bill Perkins
First of all may i thank you for delivering my machine, and take this opportunity to thank Paul, your staff member who was most helpful getting me started, I could do with a few more lessons but i’m sure it will come with time.

Steve – Em-Boss
Quick and efficient delivery of machine & ancillery items. The set up and demonstration by your engineer was excellent.

Darren Potton
Machine is excellent, Marian and I at the shop till late last night trying it out.

Wendy Fulthorpe
Hi Just to let you know I’ve done my first proper digitized (by Jo) logo on my PR620 purchased from you an i feel bloomin great!!! ( i think i need to get out more) With help from Paul. He’s a star!!!! Still got a lot to learn tho’…SO……….Would you be able to somehow let me know what the basic types of stitching i would use and their names. Many thanks for your help so far. Ta Wendy. Ps . I hope you don’t get sick of me asking questions?? It’s just i’m a complete novice to this industry and starting from scratch !!!

Yeah Nick was good, told me how to do stuff and then ask me to do it too just to see, and when I got it wrong, he explained it again to me until I got it right! (I only got a couple of things incorrect but there you go!). Answered any questions that I asked until I was happy that I could work it on my own without busting it !!

Bobbinz Embroidery
A huge thank you to Andy, Andrea and Paul at Stocks who have made the whole process of buying a PR650 easy. Really pleased with the machine and service I have received, very friendly and helpful servie throughout. Thank you

Kevin and Gillian – SprinterZ
Just writing to thank you very much for the usual excellent prompt service in delivering our new Brother PR650. We are absolutely delighted with it, our new all singing and dancing machine. Thanks again for all your help and advice.
PS The table is perfect too.

Bridget – RidgeHouse
Dear All!
What a fabulous day! Thank you so much for taking so much time & effort in explaining the basics to me. I’ve only just stopped for a drink!
Thank you again

Installation was excellent, Nick was was polite and courteous, took his time to explain what was what and ensured we understood what he had told us before moving on to the next part of the installation. A good job.

Rosemary Houghton – Rosies Embroidery
I purchased my PR600 from Stocks last year, and the support they have given me is 1st class, nothing is ever too much trouble, if I phone them with a problem, they give me all the time I need to sort it out. This is such a great help, as I live a good way away from Leeds.

Paula Robson – Robsons Interiors
I have dealt with stocks for the past 6 years buying in machines for my soft furnishing business. I decided to expand my business with the brother PR600 after speaking to Andrew on NUMEROUS occasions (sorry Andrew) I felt confident in buying my machine knowing from past experience that I would be looked after and I was not wrong. EXCELLENT MACHINE !!!!! EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!! Thanks to everyone at stocks.

Mariln Wood
I have had my machine for nearly a year now … It was very easy to upgrade to this machine from the brother 3000D… I think its a smashing machine easy to use …. A great dealer, very helpful and the back up service is super…Now starting a small embroidery business…Would love another machine !!!

Janet Atha – Zig Zag Embroidery
After buying my first PR600 within twelve months I bought another fabulous machine best ever service and total back up I now supply to schools and football teams as well as workwear, congratulations Stocks keep up the good work!!!!!

Sue Ellerby
This machine is just brillant, so easy to use, I went from a 180D as a hobby now I have the PR600 and WOW!!! now a small embroidery buisness with orders coming in every week. A big thank you to all at Stocks you were and still are really helpfull before and after my purchase.

John Green
Dear Andrew, I can clearly say that we have always been ‘very pleased with your service and attention to our enquiries, and appreciated your helpful and personal advice. Its good to know that you, Lincoln and staff will make every endeavour to meet our requirements however small they may be, and return our call if either of you are unavailable. Simply put you give a prompt and personal service.

Derek Swales
Hi Andy, The PR600 is all I wanted in a embroidery machine, and your service is second to none absoulotly brillant. When your engineer set up the PR600 he explained how to set the machine up thread needles use the on board computer and more what more could I want. I would recommend your company to anybody that is interested in getting a PR600 or for that matter any sewing machine, I wish all company’s were as friendly And as helpful as yours. All the best.

Why Buy

Benefits of Purchasing A PR1000E from Stocks. When you are starting a new embroidery business, the purchase of an embroidery machine is a very big decision. Reliability, Resale value and trade up possibilities all important parts of the decision.

Production performance and quality can be compared from brand to brand of machine. Besides the machine brand itself, it is also very important to consider the level of after sales services you will be getting from the supplier you choose

At Stocks Sewing Machines we pride ourselves on first class after sales support our team of dedicated people are committed to ensuring we maintain our customers loyalty to our company. So why buy your Brother PR1000E from stocks.

  • We are the leading supplier in UK and Europe
  • Full Nationwide coverage
  • Excellent Start Up Packages
  • Free Business and Marketing Advice
  • Free full Installation and 12 month on site warranty UK Mainland
  • Extended warranty package
  • Online and Telephone support
  • Machines in Stock ready for Delivery
  • Price & Service second to none
  • Fantastic Finance packages agreed over the phone
  • We have helped start over 200+ Business
  • We specialize in New Start Embroidery
  • Fantastic buy back or trade up through to Industrial Embroidery
  • Upgrade your existing machine Part exchange welcome
  • Over 37 Years Experience


At Stocks Sewing Machines we pride ourselves on first class after sales support our team of dedicated people are committed to ensuring we maintain our customers loyalty to our company. We personally warranty our equipment with our own trained engineers any where UK mainland for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Year One:
Labour , Traveling time and parts this period of the warranty covers Labour Expenses for one year to repair defects encountered during normal use of the Brother PR1000E.

Not covered:
This warranty does not apply to:
Consumable or perishable parts such as needles, bobbin cases, bulbs etc Losses or damage to goods, or other property damage as a result from use, misuse, or inability to use the machine This warranty covers defects encountered during normal use and does not apply to damage or failure due to: abuse, accidental damage, neglect, misuse, or acts of God, Improper maintenance or lubrication, use of non-genuine parts, modifications to the machine, failure to follow operating and maintenance instructions in user manual, improper lubrication or maintenance. This warranty does not cover shipping of warranty parts, and/or travel expenses needed while providing services under this warranty unless stated.

Void If:
This warranty is void if anyone other than Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd, or one of its certified technicians, attempts to repair or modify the machines without permission and proof of certification from Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd . Warranty applies only to new Brother PR1000E Embroidery Machines purchased from Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd

Please contact us for further information on Brother PR1000E Extended Warranties.

Video & PDF’s

Below you will find a selection of pdf’s and videos on ZSK Industrial Embroidery Machinery:

Machinery Leaflets

Machinery Videos
– Available Soon

Machinery Parts Manuals
Support Portal