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Embroidery Experts Helping Businesses Grow in Tough Times

In the current economic climate many businesses are facing financial difficulty, but ultimately life has to go on and businesses have to look ahead in the knowledge that things will pick up. With this in mind Stocks Sewing Machines, a market leader in the supply of embroidery equipment, are providing financing packages and leasing options to allow businesses without immediate capital resources to grow and adapt in 2009 and beyond.

Capital equipment devalues quickly over time, therefore you would be better served by allowing your money to work for you within your business, rather than tie it up in a piece of capital equipment which is going to devalue. No company would dream of paying an employee three years salary in advance, they pay as the work is done, and Lease Rental works in the same way, allowing a business to pay for equipment as they use it.

Stocks, who have been supplying embroidery machines and supplies for over 35 years, offer Lease Rental on a wide range of embroidery equipment which can help a business deal with increased demand, or plan for a restructure or new business strategy. With famous brands such as ZSK Industrial embroidery machinery and Brother PR620 commercial embroidery machines Stocks have specialised embroidery equipment ideal for a range of applications, from small production volumes to large-scale production.

Lease Rental payments are fully tax deductible and the customer can claim the full amount of each year’s Lease Rental payments instead of a tax allowance of only 20%.

Further to this Stocks offer a part exchange on embroidery machines to enable companies to make the most of their existing equipment and assets. With their commitment on customer service Stocks, who also provide a wide range of embroidery supplies, endeavour to help their customers expand their businesses in what is a rapidly growing industry. All of their machines come with free training and installation, ensuring companies can get the most out of their equipment.

About Stocks Sewing Machines: Established in 1971 by Mr. Lincoln Stocks for the supply of sales and service of industrial sewing machinery to the textile industry, The Company has grown over a 35-year period to become one of the UK leading suppliers of industrial sewing and commercial embroidery equipment always keeping the standards of a true family firm.