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Stocks Sewing Machines Help Start Up Business In Credit Crisis

In the current economic climate cutting costs is essential, from office rental to the price of travel, when starting up a business all these elements need to be considered, and as the Peterborough chain, uniforms4all recently found out, Stocks Sewing Machines had all their needs neatly sewn up in a cost-effective solution.

Providing a wide range of school uniforms, club uniforms, and other sporting and corporate requirements across the UK, Uniforms4all, pride themselves on offering a bespoke embroidery service and were keen to find an embroidery supplier who could offer them with a specialist sewing machine to encourage both productivity and profitability.

Owner of Uniforms4all, Tracey Compton, said, “Embroidery for our uniforms are usually bespoke designs and because we do not benefit from economies of scale, it is quite costly to outsource this type of work. On top of the actual costs for the work, we also had to consider carriage expenses.

Mrs Compton added, “Despite these challenges, it is a vital part of our service that we can offer bespoke embroidery. As well as the costs associated with associated with outsourcing embroidery, lead times were a constant problem for Uniforms4All. Often our customers would have to wait a minimum of a week for embroidered clothing to be returned which made stock control very difficult Managing Director at Stocks Sewing Machines, the experts in the sales and service of sewing equipment to the textile industry, Andrew Stocks, said, “We heard from Tracey and we were immediately keen to help her to improve her business from the ground up.

“As soon as she had contacted us, we knew that we had the perfect solution to her problem and this happened to be our Brother’s PR-620 embroidery machine as it offers the power of a commercial embroidery machine yet is easy to use and compact enough to fit in the smallest retail space. With its six needles on a single head, the PR-620 can embroider multi-colour designs quickly and easily. Making it the ideal choice for Uniforms4all. “

Purchased from the Stocks Sewing Machines branch in Leeds, the PR-620 The PR-620 offered Uniforms4all with a choice of 15 font styles, 3 alphabet designs, 10 frame patterns and a selection of embroidery designs all built into the machine. This means that since the purchase, Uniforms4All are able to produce school emblems quickly and efficiently using the PED software and then save them for future reference.

Mrs Compton added, “We were so impressed with Brother’s PR-620 embroidery machine, we bought another two! They have helped us reduce our outsourcing costs, improve turnaround times and given us much greater control, so that we have been able to grow our business tremendously. We are now able to offer this same quality of service to our corporate and sporting clients, where quality and speed is paramount to success.”

Mr Stocks from the specialist embroidery supplier added, “The PR-620 is such a fantastic machine, especially for those looking to improve the productivity of their business, and let’s face it, that is something that we are all seeking to do in the current credit crisis. It is amazing how the purchase of the right sewing machine can help turn your business around in such a small time-frame but this is exactly what has happened to Tracey.”

In addition to doubling their output, the PR-620, available from Stocks Sewing Machines, has allowed Uniforms4all to add a point of interest to their Peterborough based store.

Mrs Compton added, “We now have two machines upstairs and staff can work on the orders when it’s less busy in the shop but we felt that by having a machine actually on the shop floor would create more interest, after all it’s not very often you see an embroidery machine at work these days.”
Mr Stocks added, “Brother’s PR-620 machines have really helped Uniforms4All double their embroidery output, reduce their outsourcing costs and have helped them to improve customer service with faster turnaround times. We invite any enquiries from other businesses in the same predicament and we will offer them with not just a solution but with sound yet practical advice.”

About Stocks Sewing Machines

Established in 1971 by Mr Lincoln Stocks for the supply of sales and service of sewing equipment to the textile industry, The Company has grown over a 35-year period to become one of the UK leading suppliers of industrial sewing and commercial embroidery equipment always keeping the standards of a true family firm.