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Embroidery on football Boots? Our new foot ball boot frame allows you to embroider on football boots like never before.

Boring Device

The Boring device creates delicate and intricate effects  used  on women’s blouses, elegant table linens etc.

Cap Frame

Increased embroidery fields with new cap frame. The latest generation of cap frames allows large field embroidery up to 70 mm x 360 mm, ideal for emboridering the front and side panels of caps.

Car Mats Frames

New Car Mats Frames make it simple and fast to embroider thick and strong materials such as car mats

Cylinder Frame

After redesign, the tubular arm has become even more compact. Simultaneously a new driver, reduced in size and diameter, can be used to embroider on extremely small tubular goods such as finished children’s wear or head cover for golf clubs.

Cording Device

ZSK’s combination Cording and Looping device adds dimension and flare to any pattern. Cord feet sizes1,3 mm and 1,5 mm (2 needles taken out) Extra cord feet (sizes 0,9-2,2-2,3-1,5-1,7-2,0 or 2,5mm).

Double Cording Device

Double roll cord loop device including cord foot sizes 2,0and 3,2mm (2 needles taken out) Extra cord feet (sizes 1,0-1,2-1,4-1,6……4,0mm).

Hooper 2 in 1

Use the Hooper and place your embroidery in the same place everytime.  Time saving, easy to use, perfect for orders of all sizes.

Fast Frame 7 in 1

The Fast Frames are a popular option for all types of hard-to-hoop applications.  These are designed for use with sticky backing.

Magnetic Mighty Hoop

The Magnetic Mighty Hoop will allow you to hoop garments on the right place time & time again with ease and quickness of the magnetic frames.

Name Tape Device

The ribbon embroidery device offers a broad variety of applications. Variable ribbon widths between 15 and 35 mm allow lettering and finishing of textile ribbons for diverse purposes.

Sequin Device

Sequin Device V4 – Better performance, same price! Now also for 3mm sequins! A real 1000 rev/min – more than 40 % faster! The maximum embroidering speed has been increased from 700 rev/min (V3) to currently 1000 rev/min (V4) ! We are talking of a real 1000 stitches/min, i. e. it is not necessary to work with jump stitches contrary to most other competitive products. For example in case of a triple-fastening stitch, it is possible to put on 250 instead of only 200 sequins.