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Sequin Device V4 – Better performance, same price! Now also for 3mm sequins! A real 1000 rev/min – more than 40 % faster! The maximum embroidering speed has been increased from 700 rev/min (V3) to currently 1000 rev/min (V4) ! We are talking of a real 1000 stitches/min, i. e. it is not necessary to work with jump stitches contrary to most other competitive products. For example in case of a triple-fastening stitch, it is possible to put on 250 instead of only 200 sequins.

Rising/Sinking Process twice as fast now! Apart from speeding up the lifting/dropping process to only 2 seconds, the new control mechanism is optimizing respectively reducing the unnecessary travel (lifting/dropping) during the course of the design:

A. The upper resting position is only taken when the design ends, or the thread is broken.
B. In case of noncontinuous, multi-segmented designs, a only 1/3 holding position will be taken to avoid an unnecessary travel.

The synchronicity of the rising/sinking process has become unbeatably precise through the new spindle mechanism, doing without pneumatics.

Size of Sequins now up from 3 mm
In addition to the 4 – 9 mm sequins in different shapes, it is now possible to use sequins having a size of 3mm*.

Improved Handling during Assembly
Click system between so-called head cable and sequin entity has been optimized.

Optical Presentation of Function Check
Three LEDs indicate the correct position of the aggregate in working-, interim- and resting position.

If your decision to purchase a new embroidery machine is not only determined by price but quality, you will surely make your decision in favor of a ZSK machine. The only Industrial Embroidery machine produced in Europe invest in the best invest in ZSK.

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