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Why should a business lease?

Capital equipment devalues quickly over time, therefore you would be better served by allowing your money to work for you within your business rather than tie it up in a piece of capital equipment which is going to devalue. Would you dream of paying an employee three years salary in advance? No you would pay the employee as he or she works for you . Lease Rentalworks in the same way, allowing you to pay for the equipment as you use it.

Don’t forget the Tax Advantage

Anyone who purchases equipment for there business can claim a 20% writing down allowance on a reducing balance basis. Outright purchase however not only ties up your customer’s capital; it also reduces tax deductible allowances. Lease Rental payments are fully tax deductible and the customer can claim the full amount of each year’s Lease Rental payments instead of a tax allowance of only 20%. As an example, assuming your customer is paying tax at the rate of 20%

Please note this tax notification is given without any liability and we suggest for further guidance and advice you contact you professional advisor so as all relevant considerations are accounted for.