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Specialty Machines


The W-head enables the application of fancy yarns. The upper thread primarily serves to fix the fancy yarn. According to the condition of the yarn and the desired optical effect, you can choose between the operation modes tape, coiling and zigzag.


In contrast to the conventional chain/chenille stitching heads, the K-head comprises four single step motors. This single-motor drive concept allows the individual variation of the moving processes of the main functional elements such as needle, presser and thread laying unit.

Turf Master

We are excited to bring you a great opportunity to offer a brand new technique in embellishment. This new process is extraordinary, it uses embroidery thread, and has no bobbin.


The maximum embroidering speed has been increased from 700 rev/min (V3) to currently 1000 rev/min (V4) ! We are talking of a real 1000 stitches/min, i. e. it is not necessary to work with jump stitches contrary to most other competitive products. For example in case of a triple-fastening stitch, it is possible to put on 250 instead of only 200 sequins.

Tech Embroidery

Different textile technologies like spinning, weaving and knitting are well known and used to create fibre-reinforced composites a fairly long time. A radically new technology to build up reinforcement fabrics (preforms) is the free orientation, placing and fixing of reinforcement materials through an embroidery machine.