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A Brand New Look in Embroidery! We are excited to bring you a great opportunity to offer a brand new technique in embellishment. This new process is extraordinary, it uses embroidery thread, and has no bobbin. StitchTuft is a new look in the textile industry and is expected to attract sectors such as promotions, corporate wear and casual wear as well as high fashion and home textiles. It is an extremely soft pile made of countless small hairs of yarn placed side by side.

Tufting is the process of inserting pile yarn into a backing material, originating back to colonial times in the USA, where early settlers started crafting fabrics containing warming piles. Today, tufting is mostly associated with carpet production. The loops that are formed by the needle, become ‘pins’ or ‘hairs’ simply by cutting the loops. Depending on the chosen yarn, pile height and pile density the look & feel can be designed according to ones individual liking.

If your decision to purchase a new embroidery machine is not only determined by price but quality, you will surely make your decision in favor of a ZSK machine. The only Industrial Embroidery machine produced in Europe invest in the best invest in ZSK.

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The machine that creates StitchTuft is called TuftMaster. The machine looks like a normal embroidery machine but the cylinder arm of the normal embroidery machine is replaced by a new special unit. This device cuts the loops that are developed so that two loose ends emerge. They form the basis of the soft pile. The embroidery head shows further modifications: there is no under-thread required for Stitch Tuft, and the upper-thread monitor and the thread-tension unit are modified, because the thread tension is very low in the case of Stitch Tuft. At present, the machine has an embroidery speed of up to 850 stitches/minute and machines with up to four heads are planned.

TuftMaster JAT 0115 JAT 0215 JAT 0415
no. of heads 1 2 4
no. of needles/colors 15 15 15
embroidery filed width (mm) 500 495 400
border length (mm) 500 990 1600
embroidery field depth (mm) 500 500 500
embroidery speed (rpm) 850 850 850
machine length (mm) 1570 2000 2520
machine depth (-tiefe) (mm) 1330 1330 1330
net weight (kg) 350 450 850