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Wilcom EmbStudio e3 Editing

Wilcom EmbStudio e3 Editing

Monogramming, Lettering & Editing software

Empower your business with the flexibility and reliability of in-house lettering and editing provided by Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Editing. Combine designs, add lettering and adjust the design and stitch settings from out-sourced digitizing to ensure quality and great results on the machine.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3 Editing handles the quality-assurance aspect of embroidery production. If you need to prepare the best quality embroidery in less time, this product is for you.

  • Edit outsourced embroidery designs
  • Prepare designs for production
  • Personalize gifts, uniforms and work wear
  • Low cost additional software for admin and production staff

The industry standard for embroidery software

If you outsource your embroidery digitizing, nine times out of ten, your contractor will use Wilcom EMB file format. Why not streamline the process by using the same software so that you can easily edit the designs without losing quality or stitch data?

Price £899.00 + vat
(Inclusive of vat £1078.80)

Remember you can add your software to any Finance or Consumer Credit deal.