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Start Your Own Business

So you are thinking of buying an embroidery machine and starting your own business? 

Well done you’ve just taken control of your own destiny. Working for yourself can be highly self rewarding both in mind and pocket. Among today’s strange economic times many people are looking at ways of bringing in a second incoming or planning for the future due to retirement or redundancy. An Embroidery Business is a great idea allowing you to work from home keeping your overheads low and your profits high, the embroidery industry offers entrepreneurs, a tremendous career in a growing industry.

Wherever you look people are wearing personalised garments, Businesses, Local schools, Associations, Pubs etc go on make a list of these within a 5 mile radius of where you live“.
Just think about it, every company, store, organization or club is a potential customer for your embroidery business!

The Benefits of Starting Your Own Business

Choose your own hours
Full time, Part time, morning weekends when your children are in school the choice is yours.

Choose where you work
It’s your business so you decide the location home or small unit or even the back of a van.

Choose your Turnover
Your turnover and profit is subject to the time that you work, you’re in control so you set the price.

Choose your Market
Embroidery is found in many avenues, but if you want have your own niche.

But how much should I charge? What is my profit?

The prices you charge is up to you, but remember you are not competing against commission embroideries who will take on large contracts with high turnover but low profit margins. You require the small to medium order customers to buy the full product from you. Remember the profit is largely in the garment you embroider not the embroidery the embroidery is how you sell the garment. 

Polo Shirt – Based on 3418 stitches with 5 colours (5 minutes per design)

Your wholesale cost of shirt £3.95
Operating and supplies cost £0.91
Total cost £4.86
Suggested retail Price £9.99
Profit £5.13

These costs, retail prices and profits are typical of personalized embroidered items. Please note, however that operating costs results are impossible to predict, and no representation or guarantee is implied by this example

Our 8 Steps to Embroidery Success

Any New Embroidery Company needs a plan you can put all the hard work in you want but its best to get the foundations right before we start to build so here a few pointers to get you going.

  1. Planning your business
    Create the Business Plan this is the foundation of your business here is where you need to set your goals, where you are heading and how fast you need to grow.Remeber everybody is different there are many types of embroidery company’s people working from home with one machine to full factory’s. Here is where we set the seeds.
  2. Know your Market
    Learn about the competition look at what you can offer that is different. What your market Schoolwear,Workwear,Sportswear etc. Think about your plan of attack
  3. Select the right machine
    Remember you can be overawed with salesman specifications. What matters is does the machine do what you want, do you require a commercial or industrial machine can you upgrade from single head to Multihead. Does the Company you are purchasing from offer the support and warranty you require.

    Important Notice The UK has recently been flooded with inferior copy machines.
    We receive daily phone calls regarding these products and with regret are unable to help and support. As although many machines may look the same it is a fact they are not manufactured in the same factory’s and are not of the same quality.

    If you are going to use a machine for a business application, it is important you purchase the correct machine. Do not accept poor quality copy machines or machines with questionable origins & support. Many imported machines are brought into the UK and REBADGED please be aware when purchasing. If you are unsure of the machinery you are about to purchase please call us direct and we will help and advise all we can.

  4. Software
    To digitise or not to Digitise that is the question?
    This is a question that everybody has to answer, yes any body can digitise if you have the time to learn. Many first time embroiders will out source there complicated digitising and concentrate on standard logos and lettering remember you need a package that is user-friendly, yet has enough features and capabilities to help you get the job done on time.                                                                                                                                
    So you have two choices Commercial Software or Industrial Software, Many people start there business with household digitising software and are more than happy with the results.

    But for those of you looking at going to industrial machinery we suggest you go for industrial software rather than having to change upgrade software when you upgrade your machine.

  5. Financing equipment
    It’s the big question where do you find the money? Do you use that rainy day money or ask friends and Family. We have the solution we offer finance packages to help you on your way business leasing or consumer credit.
  6. Training
    It is all about the training a machine in a box is no good to any one. Ensure your supplier will deliver install and teach you all you need to know. Our Embroidery support portal will give you intsructual DVD’s, and puff’s to help you on your way. With online and telephone support we supply the support you require.
  7. Finding the best supplies
    The embroidery is only as good as the garment you put it on. When embroidering the better quality garment, Thread, and backing you use will give your embroidery its selling factor, our Embroidery Support Portal will help you find the suppliers you are looking for with all your threads and accessories available directly from ourselves.
  8. Growing Your Business
    Whether or not you expand your business from home to a small unit or shop you can be safe in the Knowledge that Stocks Sewing Machines have an upgrade package to help your machinery requirements grow with your business with machinery and Business support.